Other activities

Bus Management System and Bus Information System are the systems for the improved quality and increased use of public transportation, and efficient public transportation management by introducing state-of-the-art IT technology. Incheon citizens, traffic companies and Traffic Association are entitled to the services below.
- Citizen : Check the bus information on-line, current location and arrival time of the bus with the depot guide machine. At bus stops without the machine, ARS/SMS is available
- Traffic companies and Association : All buses on the road are monitored on-line, and efficient bus operation is possible with schedule management and operation instruction.


�� Bus information center collects and processes the location information by GPS satellite and vehicle terminal.
�� Process the collected information at the center, and provide it to the users through various means such as web, PDA, bus stop guide machines, etc.
�� Bus information center provides important information such as schedules and to bus drivers through the bus-equipped terminal.
�� Efficient management of schedules is conducted working connected with management system of the bus company and Incheon city official support system.