Communication System is one of the most important systems in Incheon Metro system because Incheon Metro line 1 is controlled by communication through digital fiber optics.
DTS:Digital Transmission System
DTS is one of the most fundamental communication network systems which provides interface and transmission path to deliver voice, video and other data. Fiber optics was adopted which can contain several ten thousand channels in one line to ensure the highest quality communication.
TRS:Train Radio System
This system is the most important for safe train operation which allow mutual communication between Control Center Agent and a train operator, between a train operator and other operator, or even between operators and passengers.
This is a communication system for a safe operation of the train. It is a wireless video transmission system designed to display the CCTV video clips of the arriving station to the monitor in the driver's cabin.
This device is designed for the disabled and located in the restroom which has a direct connection to station agent's booth. This could be used as an emergency call by passengers who are offended by sexual harassment.
Voice Guide System for the Blind
This device is available for the blind to give easy access to transit system and public services. This device is working with portable signal transmitter owned by people.