Generally, Subway Power System consists of DC power supply devices for train operation and AC power supply devices for other electricity usage. Incheon Transit Corporation's power supply system is following.
Ensuring Power Supply System's Reliability
Subway power houses get 22.9kV Alternating Current through dedicated power lines from Korea Electric Power Corporation.There are shared power lines among the subway power houses to handle one power house's operational failure.Each stations has its own power control room which can provide essential electricity for emergency light for passenger's safe evacuation in case of total black out.
Adoptin of Electrical Measuring Device
Subway system 's power usage is so huge that efficient power usage management is essential. Incheon Transit Corporation is the first institution to adopt electrical measuring systems like GIMAC,SEPCOS which enable us to analyze daily power usage.
Fire Prevention of Power Cable
All the high voltage cable connectors are covered with burn-proof tape so that fire damage is minimized when occurred.
Adoption of High luminant 3 wavelength light
To have bright environment and save electricity at the same time, high liminant 3 wavelength light system was adopted through whole stations.
Adoption of Automated lighting System
Lighting System Control team was established to manage lighting system more efficiently according to time and season usage.