Train fire
1.After pressing the emergency buzzer which is installed on end side of train, notify the train operator. 2.Take out the fire extinguisher and pull out the safety pin, and put out the fire. 3.Open the cover of the emergency handle box which is posited on the upper side of the door and then turn right the emergency handle. 4.open the door with both hands watch out and step out of the train.
Station fire
1.In case of fire, push the fire emergency bell in the station and notify all the people. 2.during the initial stage of fire, extinguish with the fire extinguish and the hydrant installed in the station. 3.In case of evacuate, Cover your nose and mouth with wet handkerchief and evacuate calmly with your body lowered. 4.Evacuate along the passage guiding lights attached to the wall.
In case of emergency, press the emergency RED button. It is connected with the station officer. 1 wheel Chair lift. 2 elevator. 3 ticket vending machine. 4 women toilet handicapped toilet.
in case of emergency, press the emergency red button and it is connected with the station officer
1. wheel chair lift
2. elevator
3. ticket vending machine
4. women toilet · handicapped toilet
Tunnel fire
1. Get off and guidance by the staff(opposite sides of a railroad train, watch out).
2. Evacuate to the direction which is guided toward the nearest station or using the round stairs in which is installed ventilation tower, evacuate to the out side(ground).
3. Cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief through the smoke and evacuate with your body lowered.
4. Be calm and overcome your fears.
Inside the subway
- Do not fall down as tightly grabbing the handle because a great shock can come around.
- Behave calmly according to the cabin announcement.
- Inside of the subway is relatively safe. It is dangerous to run outsid a hurry even when the subway stops, due to an earthquake.
- Inside of the subway cabin is equipped with the emergency light to be immediately turned on in case of blackout, so running hurriedly toward the exit is the most dangerous behavior and is the cause of a great confusion.
Inside the station
- The subway station is set up to immediately turn on the emergency light although the blackout occurs; therefore, do not get confused, but behave calmly according to the station guidance announcement or the guidance by the station staff.
- Since the subway station is a place where many people gather, behave calmly not to bring about a great confusion.
Inside the elevator
- When experiencing an earthquake inside the elevator, push the button and get off rapidly and evacuate when the elevator stops.
- In case locked inside the elevator, contact the station office through the interphone and ask for help.
- When an earthquake occurs, do not use the elevator.
- When an earthquake of three-degree intensity occurs, the subway temporarily stops its operation.
- An earthquake ends in one minute at the longest (about 15 seconds for a strong shock), so find a safe location at the present place.