How to use fire extinguisheres
1.Fire extinguishers are installed on the end of the both passage way. 2.Take out the fire extinguisher after pulling out the belt which is fixed. 3.Hold the hand with your left hand and pull out the safety pin with your right forefinger. 4.Hold the nozzle and lead the hose towards the fire, with your back against the wind.
How to use fire hydrant
Take the hose out. Open the fire hydrant box, take the hose out and spread it evenly up to the place of fire without twisting. Open the valve. Open the fire hydrant valve gradually by rotating it left. Sprinkle water. Take hold of the end of the hose with your hands, lead it towards the place of fire to put it out.
- You need a minimum of two people, one for manipulating nozzles and the other one for manipulating valves and hoses.
- When using the equipment be careful not to get the hose bent. And as the hose is quite heavy in rebound make sure you do not put your hose down in mid course and lose your grip.
How to use emergency intercom apparatus
 1.Emergency intercome is installed on the front and back side of the right wall, of the each passage ways. 2.pulling out the handle bar to open the box. 3.While lifting the intercom, take it out. 4.When you hear the train operator, notify the situation. If there is no response, It is connected with the control office automatically after about 10 seconds.