2010's History  
2016.07.30 Line 2 (GeomdanOryu ~ Unyeon) opened
2014.09 Installation of PSD in all stations
2013.12.13 Awarded in the traffic safety sector
2013.12.02 Obtained an integrated certification of Quality management system and Environment management system (ISO 9001/14001)
2013.03.28 More than 10 million people were transported from the date of opening
2012.02.29 Revision of customer service charter
2011.12.28 M & A (Incheon Metro + Incheon Transportation Corporation) Incheon Transit Corporation
2011.05.04 Received a citation from the Minister of Public Administration and Security for local public corporation development and advanced management-union culture establishment
2011.04.26 Awarded the grand prize in 'the 2011 Korean Representative Brand Award'
2010.12.22 Received a citation from the prime minister as the national merit corporation with management-union cooperation
2010.07.29 Awarded the grand prize in 'the Korean Service Satisfactory Award' six years in a row
2010.04.29 Awarded 'the Korean Representative Brand Award'
2000's History  
2009.10.06 Commemoration of the 10th year of opening and vision proclamation ceremony
2009.06.01 Songdo extended section opening ceremony
2009.03.31 Declaration of peace between Incheon public corporation management and its union
2009.02.11 Screen door opening event (Jakjeon Station, Culture & Art Center Station)
2008.11.12 Selected as the outstanding company by the local public enterprise management assessment
2008.07.09 Screen door opening event (Bupyeong Station, Incheon Terminal Station)
2008.04.14 Commemoration of the 10th year of Establishment
2007.07.31 Declaration of peace between the management and union
2007.04.19 Awarded the grand prize in 'the Korean Service Satisfactory Award' three years in a row
2007.03.16 Gyeyang Station opened
2006.07.01 Established the archery team
2005.05.31 elected as the innovative company by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
2004.08.01 Operation of trains replaced with nonflammable interior materials
2001.12.26 Certified by the KOSHA 2000 Program (Advanced Safety and Health Management System)
2001.02.16 Awarded the Innovative Award in 'the 2000 Local Public Enterprise Management Award'
2000.05.02 The Customer Service Charter proclamation
1900's History  
1999.12.07 Gyulhyeon Station opened
1999.10.06 Line 1 (Bakchon ~ Dongmak) opened
1998.05.21 Established labor union
1998.04.15 Foundation of the public corporation (incorporated and registered)
1998.02.20 Received certification of subway incorporation, proclamation of the construction articles of association
1997.11.20 Proclamation of the subway construction ordinance
1993.07.05 Began subway construction
1992.06.30 Established Office of Subway Construction