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인천교통공사 Incheon Transit Corporation

General Information

  2. General Information

Managerial Ideal

  • We of the Incheon Transit Corporation muster up our all competences to provide the best service to our passengers while reaching self-supporting financial status as soon as possible. We see ourselves as creating a new transportation culture that will contribute to the quality of people's lives.

Corporate Precept

  • We put the utmost priority on passenger safety and service. Passengers are the true masters governing our performance.

Operating Status

Operating Status : Classification, Specification(Line1, Line2)
Classification Specification
Line1 Line2
Operating Section Gyeyang station ~ Int'l Business District station
(29 stations)
Geomdan Oryu station ~ Unyeon station
(27 stations)
Operating Trackage 29.4Km (total 31.2Km) 29.1Km
Operating Hours 05:30 ~ 01:01 overnight 05:30 ~ 01:06 overnight
  • Possession: 34 organization,
  • Operation: 27 organization,
  • Back-ups: 7 organization
  • 8 vehicles per 1 organization, in total 34 organizations and 272 vehicles
  • Possession: 37 organization,
  • Operation: 33 organization,
  • Back-ups: 4 organization
  • 2 vehicles per 1 organization, in total 37 organizations and 74 vehicles
Vehicle base 1 (Gyulhyeon) 1 (UnYeon)
Vehicle depot 1 (Geomdanoryu)
Stations 29 27
Interval Rush Hour 4.5 minutes 3.3 minutes
(6.0 minutes apart in holidays)
8.5 minutes 6.1 minutes
(6.0 minutes apart in holidays)
Operation Number 312 daily 460 daily
(376 times per day in Saturdays and Holidays)
Time Required 54 minutes
(Gyeyang station~ Int'l Business District station)
scheduled speed 32.7km/h
52.5 minutes
(Geomdanoryu station ~ Unyeon station)
scheduled speed 33.3km/h

Bus operation by route

Bus operation by route : Division, Bus No., Route, No. of buses (bus), No. of buses in operation (bus), Round-trip distance(km/time), Operation time(minutes/time), Bus interval(minute), No. of services(time/day), Time for the first and last bus
Division Bus No. Route No. of
No. of
buses in
(minutes/time )
No. of
Time for
the first and
last bus
Departure Arrival
Total 3 42 40 140.14 589 203
Bus Quasi-Public
Operating System
(Yellow Bus)
Blue Bus 7 Lake Blue Sinpo
15 14 48.70 214 15-17 67 05:30 ~ 23:00
Green Bus
No. 91
27 12 42.44 173 14-25 68 05:30 ~ 23:00
Green Bus
No. 92
14 49.00 202 13-25 68 05:30 ~ 23:00

Call Taxi for the Disabled

Call Taxi for the Disabled : Number of Operated Vehicles, Operation Hours, Qualifications of Using the Services, Number of Operating Manpower, Note
Number of
Operated Vehicles
Operation Hours Qualifications of
Using the Services
Number of
Operating Manpower
150 24 hours
Daytime 06:30~22:30
Nighttime 22:30~06:30
Disabled (First, second class), third class brain lesions, third class lower body disabled persons, elderly (wheelchair using persons, over 65) 198

Terminal Line Operation Status

Terminal Line Operation Status : Division, Total, Express bus, Intercity bus, Red bus
Division Total Express bus Intercity bus Red bus
Travel route (route) 70 12 57 One
No. of buses in operation (bus) 487 105 368 13
No. of services(time) 860 138 662 60
  • Ticketing service fee: 7% for express bus (8% for late night bus), 10.5% for intercity bus, KRW1,428,000 for Red Bus (month)
  • Automatic ticket machine: 14 machines (on-site ticketing, reservation : 11 machines, internet , apps: 3 units)
  • Route accepting transportation card: All routes of express and red bus and 7 routes of intercity bus (Yongin, Seongnam, Uijeongbu, Geumchon, Chungkang College of Cultural Industries , direct route to Suwon, and West Suwon) routes

Operation of the parking lot and bus garage

Operation of the parking lot and bus garage : Parking lot (space), Bus garage (space)
Parking lot (space) Bus garage (space)
Total West South Total Bus garage Parking lot
558 332 226 274 154 120
  • Parking Hours : 06: 00 ~ 23:30
  • Fee
    • Parking lot: KRW1,200 of basic fare for 30 minutes (additional KRW600 for every 15 per minutes)
    • Bus garage: KRW6,600 for intercity bus, KRW4,400 for express bus

Transportation Training Institute

Transportation Training Institute : Location, Size, Main Facilities, Main Businesses
Location 990 Gyeongmyeongdaero, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon
Size 2 levels underground, 3 levels on ground (land area 17,560㎡, building area 7,184㎡)
Main Facilities Large auditorium, small auditorium, library, traffic counseling center, lecture room, lounge, facilities control office, et cetera
Main Businesses Public transportation driver education, specialized traffic training for public officials, travel education for children's traffic safety