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인천교통공사 Incheon Transit Corporation


  2. Operating Status

Automatic Guide and Alarm System

Automated broadcasting system to ensure passenger's safety when train approach and automatic fire alarm system in emergency.

Automatic Train Start Alarm

Automatic alarm is given when doors close to ensure passenger's safety.

Station Guide System

This will issue alarm and the station name when train approach platform.

Emergency Intercom

When emergency occurs, this enable passengers to have a direct connection to the train operator or the station agent.


TTC ensure that train is on a safe cruise by controlling automated traffic control,cruise control, signal, communication system.

Automatic Train Stop

Trains are always supposed to keep a safe distance and will stop automatically when they approach closer.

Safety Device for the Operator

An Alarm will be issued and the train will stop when the steering wheel is off the operator's hands.

Wireless Communication for the Train

Main Control Center controls trains and provides the train operator with cruise information.

Safety Device of Doors

Train is not to start until the doors close completely.

Emergency Stop Device

Main Control Center agent will stop trains when something goes wrong by monitoring all stations' railroad and platforms.