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인천교통공사 Incheon Transit Corporation

Call Taxi for the Disabled

  2. Call Taxi for the Disabled

Call taxi for the disabled 1577-0320

For whom : Level 1, 2 disabled registered residents in Incheon, level 3 physically and mentally retarded people, and their family members or guides.

Number of vehicles operated


Operating hours : 24 hours

  • Daytime : 06:30 ~ 22:30
  • Nighttime : 22:30 ~ 06:30 next day

Operating areas

  • Incheon and neighboring areas(one-way)
  • For neighboring areas(Gangseo-gu Seoul, Gimpo, Bucheon and Siheung), only arrival is available.


  • Within three times of the urban railway fee (no timed fee)
    • Minimum charge : 1,200 Won for first 2km
    • Mileage charge
      • 200Won / 1km between 2km and 10km
      • 300Won / 5km for over 10km
  • Long distance fee : Twice the downtown charge, applies as soon as the vehicle is out of the city line.

Terms of foreigner usage

Only possible when Incheon Mayor has acknowledged the needs

Call taxi for the disabled 1577-0320 : Citizen ��(Reservation)�� Call Center ��(Departure)�� Driver(volunteer) ��(Movement)�� Citizen