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인천교통공사 Incheon Transit Corporation

Safe Subway

  2. Safe Subway

Incheon Transit Corporation for the speedier and convenient subway operation, is complete with th total control center furnished with the latest technology, so as to monitor and control overall train operation and to allow passengers to access to the convenient service in terms of the automatic station management facilities built up on the concept of the ergonomics.

In addition, we have put up with the utmost efforts by implementing periodical check-up and maintenance for customers to use the service fully secured.

The Total Traffic Control Center, Our Command Post

The Total Traffic Control Center, Our Command Post Photo

The Total Traffic Control Center is the quintessence of command and control for the safe, fast, and punctual operation of trains. It integrates control of train operation, signal and communications systems. SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, machinery and facilities, a well as passengers on platforms.

If the TTC(Total Traffic Control) detects any malfunction via one of the CCTVs monitoring key points on the line, it can stop trains immediately. In constant communication with engineer, station, repair and signal personnel, the TTC provides for optimal operation of trains with maximum passenger safety.

Up-to-Date Trains

Up-to-Date Trains Photo

Incheon Transit Corporation's streamlined trains (first of its kind in Korea) are 37cm narrower and 2m shorter than those of other lines' trains in Seoul metropolitan area, but the width between the rails is the same a in other lines, which minimizes jolting. The VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency) Inverter Control using a IGBT Power element for the AC (alternating current) motor operating the train reduces noise, weight and energy consumption.

The introduction of an ATC Control system in the train computer system allows Automatic Train Operation(ATO). Manual operation, or emergency operation. The automatic TIS(Train information system) displays the train's self-diagnosis of any malfunctions and their causes so that the train driver can take immediate corrective measures.

Air-Tight Inspection and Maintenance of Trains

Air-Tight Inspection and Maintenance of Trains Photo

Gyulhyeon Train Depot, a short of general hospital, inspects and repairs trains 24 hours a day. It inputs and outputs trains before and after operating hours under optimal conditions.

Temporary tests in freezing and thawing seasons enable the perfect performance of all systems and devices no matter what the temperature fluctuation. Comprehensive checking and maintenance is carried out after so many operating hours or so many kilometers.

Doubly Secured Power Supply

Doubly Secured Power Supply Photo

AC 22.9KV from Korea Electric Power Corporation's substation is transmitted to the Incheon Transit Corporation substations. In case of a breakdown at one of the Incheon Transit Corporations substations, nearby substations supply power so that operations are not halted.

All substations are watched by the TTC through remote-controlled SCADA, enabling safe and fast control of power. As a further precaution the UPS installed in every station allows enough emergency lighting for passengers to escape to safety in case of a breakdown.

The Signal System, the Operational Safeguard

The Signal System, the Operational Safeguard Photo

The signaling system is utilized to make the train safely and timely arrive at each station. It sends information regarding automated operations such as departure, acceleration, automated operation between stations, train headway curve, decelerate, stopping at the station, et cetera. The system is operated automatically to prevent accidents due to the driver's misjudgment or delusion.

  • Line 1 of the Incheon Transit Corporation applied the automatic train control system (LZB 700M; ATC).
    All information regarding the train operation is sent to the train control computer, which decides the optimal speed and distance between vehicles, making safe operation of the vehicles possible even when the distance between two vehicles are very short.
  • Electronic interlocking device (SICAS) and continuous automatic train control system (LZB 700M) is made with 2 out of 3 data processing system. It creates three outputs with one input, and designed so that the command is executed only when 2 out of 3 data shows the same results.

The Communications System, the Subway's Digital Nerves

The Communications System, the Subway's Digital Nerves Photo

The intricate network of the communications system plays the part of the central nervous system. All digital data about electricity, signal and security devices, control system, and other facilities are delivered by Digital optical fiber Transmission System. Wireless devices connect the TTC and trains, train drivers to train drivers, and wireless stations to wired phone subscribers. In an emergency, the system enables direct contact between the command operator in the TTC and the train driver and passengers.

Automatic Station Management

Automatic Station Management Photo

The automatic fare system is the first facility that customers encounter. It is consisted of transportation card issuing machine, where customers can charge or purchase transportation cards, and deposit return machine that returns the deposits for single-use transportation cards. Customers whom already possesses transportation card may pass through the automated gate and board on the train.

All data related to single-use transportation card sales, balance, and reload are sent to the station monitoring system for monitoring and control. Also, the system sends the necessary data (accounting data and malfunction information) to the station computer and the central computer which manages the monitoring system. This helps with the efficient functioning of the automatic fare system in the station.