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인천교통공사 Incheon Transit Corporation


  2. Operating Status
Traffic light is an equipment that enables the train to set its course to the course where it intends to move, and lets the engine driver know the running conditions ahead. To establish safety, which is absolutely required in large scale transportation systems, the German company Siemens's automatic train control system (LZB 700M) and electronic interlocking device (SICAS) is used. Each system is planned and manufactured under not only the strict German railroad safety standards (MUE 8004), but also the international railway safety standards (SIL Level 4). It also passed various safety device tests during the test drive, to maximize the customers' and the trains' safety.

Electronic interlocking device (SICAS)


This safety device automatically controls the train's course, and prevents collision and crash accident. With the choices of the electronic circuit and computers, it enables safe train services, and provides much more excellent services than the interlocking relay system of the past or any other devices used in trains. The important parts of the device were especially designed in triple layers to enhance the reliability of the data, to establish the safety when running the trains.

Automatic train control system (LZB 700M)

LZB 700M Photo

This is a system that directly controls the train system according to the fixed course by the electronic interlocking system. It controls and maintains the train's speed, controls the trigger receive assembly, automatic control of the train services between the stations, etc. Like the electronic interlocking system, the important parts were designed in triple layers to enhance the reliability and safety. Also, it always enables the trains to maintain a certain (safe) distance. So, when it comes within a certain distance or when there are minor troubles in the system, the train is automatically stopped, to reinforce the safety of the passengers.

Railroad transition equipment (Electric Point Machine)

When there is a need to change the course of the train, this equipment changes the course with electric power, and includes a locking device which does not let the train move until the entire train is fully through the system after its direction change. The equipment changed its energy transmission systems from the mechanical system to the electronic system (magnetic clutch). The electronic system is not affected by the temperature changes during summer or winter, which minimizes the mechanical problems.

Track circuit device (FTGS)

Track circuit device examines the train to understand its current location, and checks the train's safety. Also, the tracks are made with electronic circuits, and sends various information needed in the train services through this track circuit device.


Signal Photo

This is a system that lets the engine driver know whether to drive the train or not. It receives the absolute safety conditions from the electronic interlocking device and shows the signal which the engine driver can visually confirm. This sends a clear signal automatically when the train is into a certain point in the tracks according to the fixed time schedule of the train services. When the running conditions are not sufficient, the red light comes on for the train to not proceed into the tracks.